Training of Nurses

Date:  14 July 1992

Occasion: Guru Purnima

Place: Prashanti Nilayam

Embodiments of Divine Love! Bharath is not lacking in experienced doctors and specialists in every field. Many of them have gone abroad, acquired the latest knowledge in medicine and surgery and established a reputation for themselves. Indeed, very few people possess the amount of fortitude and determination which Bharathiyas are capable of. Our doctors take a good deal of trouble for the care of the patients. Even in foreign countries, a very large number of Indians are rendering medical service. There is a very well­known saying in Andhra Pradesh­”The jewels are ours; the display is yours.” Much of the medical service abroad is rendered by Indian doctors. But, others get much of the credit.

Likewise, in India also, there are any number of highly capable doctors. But people do not value what is very near to them. They are attracted by what is distant. Those who are near to Swami all the twenty­four hours do not recognise His value so much. The value is realised only when one is away from Swami. For instance, there is a lighthouse. The light is visible afar but not to those under it.

Why doctors leave our country

Similarly there are among Bharathiyas many dedicated and capable persons. We do not lack exceptionally able persons. Despite the fact that we have so many able and competent persons, there arc few who give them encouragement and recognition. It is for this reason that a large number of doctors, nurses and other paramedical personnel go abroad. They are not given adequate opportunities here. Nor is that all. They arc not given the positions and authority commensurate with their abilities. Even the status that is appropriate to them is not accorded. Juniors arc promoted as seniors and seniors arc demoted as juniors. Because of this treatment many prefer to go abroad.

Why should we allow such able and competent men to leave our country? Realising that we should make use of their services here itself, Swami has inspired many highly eminent doctors to serve in our hospital. Although Dr. Venugopal appears diminutive in size, very few people can understand the magnitude of his skills and capabilities. Here is another doctor, a short person, Babadas. Both of them work ceaselessly day and night untiringly.

When we have such highly capable and dedicated doctors, Swami willed that there should be a sufficient number of trained nursing personnel and therefore training facilities for nursing personnel will be established. It is easy for doctors to perform operations. The real difficulty is in taking care of the patients after the operations. It is easy to slice vegetables. But, to prepare a tasty dish out of that is very difficult. This task of “cooking” is done by the nurses. If there is no good nursing, even the operation may be a failure.

Need for nurses with pure hearts

Therefore in order to train a good hard band of nursing personnel, training facilities are being provided. All those who are pure­hearted and filled with a spirit of service, may approach Dr. Safaya for undergoing training to serve in the hospital. They need not incur any expense. The entire training is free. Elsewhere, if people want to undergo such training, they have to pay all kinds of fees. Here nothing will be. charged. Everything will be provided free. Only, we want persons with pure hearts to join the course.Today we have quite a large number of people working in our hospital. But, there is more work to be done because of the ever­growing number of patients seeking relief. Hence, we need many more nursing personnel. We are asking for nurses not for Swami’s sake but for the sake of the nation. There is a Sanskrit saying: “Jananee janmabhoomischa swargaadapi gareeyasi” (The mother and the Motherland are greater than Heaven itself). Hence, such sacred activities must be spread all over the country. It is not easy to make available such facilities for people in remote and isolated villages. Because in this village this magnificent hospital has been established, it has been possible to provide relief to a very large number of poor villagers.

Many are not aware of the genesis of this Institution. What counts is only action and not advertisement. When a heart operation is performed, the patient has generally to stay in the hospital for at least a month. It is no exaggeration to state, with reference to our hospital, that within a day after the operation, the patient starts eating on his bed the very next morning. On the third day, he starts moving about. On the fifth day, the sutures are removed. On the seventh day, the patients are discharged fully recovered.

Health is the greatest blessing for everyone

Our students are aware of the case of Prof. Radhaswami. He is here in the audience. He was not aware at all that he was suffering from heart trouble. It is a mystery how he was carrying on his duties. But the moment he was examined it was found that an immediate heart operation was necessary. A complicated operation had to be carded out. Today he is very much fit for this work and extremely happy. Health is the greatest blessing for anyone. If a person is in good health, he can accomplish anything. There are now a very large number of people enjoying good health after undergoing an operation in the hospital. What is happening in the hospital is not for today or tomorrow. It is an example to the whole world.

People should not suffer from ailments of any kind. Regard this hospital as yours. It is not mine. This exists for your sake. Anyone is free to come to the hospital and seek relief and lead an ideal life thereafter. This is my benediction on all of you.