Treat Patients with Love

Date: Feb 6, 1993

Occasion: Cardiac Symposium

Place: Prashanti Nilayam

The first message conveyed by Bhaaratheeya culture to the whole of mankind is this “Let all people live happily, in good health and cheer.” It desired that no one should experience suffering or misery in this world.

Health is the English term for Aarogyam in Sanskrith. The word health is derived from the Latin word “Healy.” Aarogyam has several meanings. One is sacredness. Another is Paripuurnam (Wholeness). The term thus indicates that all the organs of the body should be perfect and holy. If any organ is afflicted, the body cannot be said to be Whole. Hence men should aim at achieving perfect health and help others to do so. “Karmaath Jayathe Narah Karmanyeva Prabodhathi.” (Every man takes birth as result of past actions. Karma is the cause of death). Thus Karma is the cause of birth and death. Every action has an effect. In any action done by man, its consequence is present in a subtle form. Action thus is related to its fruits. Moreover, time is also related to action. Action and time are inextricably inter­related.

Time is measure of duration between two actions Every action has its own Maarga (course). One object is separated by space from another. Likewise, time is the measure of the duration between one action and another. Here is a tumbler. Beneath it is a plate. The space between the glass tumbler and the plate is termed Dharma. There can be no separateness between one object and another without this Dharma. Dharma defines the inter­relationships between two objects. Now regarding time: A doctor fixes 8 A.M as the time for performing an operation. By 11 A.M, the operation is completed with the stitching of sutures. The three­hour interval between the commencement of the operation and its completion indicates the time taken for the surgery. In reckoning time, action is also involved. Action is the interval between two points of time. Thus time and action go together. Hence everyone should recognise the intimate relationship between action and time.

Every action, whether good or bad, has its consequence. There is no action in the world which is devoid of consequences. This is law of nature. For instance, a finger is cut by a knife. Immediately the finger starts bleeding. The result of the cut is instantaneous. When man slips on a step while walking, he sustains a fall and a limb is fractured. Here again, the result of the fall is instantaneous. Take another example. You had your breakfast this morning. It takes two hours to digest the food you have consumed. In the two earlier examples the results of the actions were instantaneous. But in the case of digestion of food you have consumed, it has taken two hours. Another example: You sow a seed. It becomes a sapling after some days. To bear fruit it takes some years. Thus every action has a consequence, but the time interval between action and result varies from case to case. Bhaaratheeya culture recognized the truth about action and consequence. Others have also got to realise this truth. One who is aware of this truth is unlikely to commit any wrong action, because he knows that good actions produce good results and bad deeds have bad consequences. Recognition of the law of Karma will make men lead proper lives. Man today takes to wrong paths because they have not realised this truth.

Way to maintain heart in a good condition Health is essential for the body. A healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body. Only a man with a healthy mind will take part in joyous activities. This conference is concerned mainly with the heart. Many consider the heart as the most important organ. There is a way to maintain the heart in good condition. Most of the organs in the body are in an immobile state. But the heart is continually active. It is difficult to perform an operation on an organ which is ceaselessly at work. If the heart has to be stopped beating for performing an operation, this cannot be done for more than two or three minutes. No operation can be done in such a short time. Hence heart specialists investigated the methods by which the heart could be kept inactive for a few hours so that cardiac operations could be performed. The heart­lung machine was designed to enable heart operation to be done. The heart is the primary organ for keeping the body well. Only when the heart is sound there can be proper blood supply to the whole body. Who invented the heart­lung machine? It is a product of human, intelligence. This shows that intelligence is even superior to the heart. It is this intelligence that has been responsible for the discovery of numerous devices.

Recognise the relationship between time and action It is by the use of intelligence for a practical purpose that doctors have found the technique of carrying out heart operations. The intelligence is as important as the heart. It is the combination of the intelligence and the heart that helps to keep a person healthy. A doctor may be extremely intelligent in performing operations. But if during an operation his mind wanders, the operation will not be successful. The combination of qualities required for success should be properly understood. The relationship between time and action should be recognized. Modern man tends to ignore the consequences of his actions. Purely for the sake of worldly pleasures, he considers wealth as the most important thing. The Chinese were accustomed to a certain traditional practice. Every morning on waking up they used to remember the saying: “Difficulties are our friends; let us welcome them.” Today people regard difficulties as enemies. Without difficulties you cannot obtain a comfort.

People consider, wealth as, essential for physical comforts and thereby become slaves, of wealth. As long as they remain slaves of wealth, they will have no respite from troubles. “Serve Bhavanthu Sukhinah. Sarve Santhu Niraamayaah” (All should be happy. All should be free from sufferings). If you are to pray in this manner, you must have these feelings in you.

Dr. Bhatia urged that Svaami should indicate to the doctors the right path and give them strength to pursue it. You are not lacking in strength. God has endowed you with strength, but you are not using it on right lines. Every human being is endowed with a divine energy, which has to be used for proper purposes. It has to be used righteously according to the dictates of one’s conscience. When the conscience is satisfied the energy gets sanctified. Man today misuses the Divine energy for selfish purposes.

Duty of doctors today

Men should realise the sacredness of action and time. The presiding deity of Karma is allpowerful. Hence a prayer is addressed to the deity requesting him to see that one’s actions are good.

The human race is called Mankind, because sacred feelings, thoughts and intentions are there in man. It means “humanness” is synonymous with kindness. The sage Vyaasa wrote eighteen Puraanas (sacred epics). Who has the time to read so many Puraanas? Therefore, ruminating on this point, sage Vyaasa declared the quintessence of these Puraanas just in these words: “Help ever; Hurt never.”

This is the duty of doctors today. They have acquired valuable knowledge. This should be used for public good. The more it is used this way, the more it will grow. Always be prepared to serve a patient when he comes to you. It is a sign of weakness to turn away a patient on a plea of inability. You have the God­given power. Be conscious of your power. Doctors should recognise the importance of the five human values: Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non­violence. Love is the basis for all the other values. Doctors can infuse courage in patients by the love they show towards the patients. If doctors carry out their duties with love they will be crowned with success.

“Old is Gold”

In the discussion at the conference, several conflicting views were expressed by the participants. One of the issues was whether the latest technique should be preferred as against earlier techniques. Svaami was of the view that the older techniques had much to be said in their favour. The older technique, though they may not produce quick results, are slow and sure. The latest techniques appear successful momentarily but their long term results are not always good. While the latest technique should be employed where necessary, the earlier techniques should not be rejected out of hand. “Old is Gold” The old techniques have the merit of proven value. A caveat should be said about heart transplant. The operation may be easy, but how easy is it to get a heart for transplanting? A transplanted heart may serve for a time, but cannot serve as long and as well as the God­given heart.

A word of caution has to be uttered with regard to heart transplant or transplanting the cornea for the eye. The character of the person from whom the transplanted heart or cornea has been got should also be taken into account. The practitioners of medicine in ancient times considered these factors in treating patients.

The antecedents of families were fully examined in the past, before marital alliances were concluded. But today these factors are ignored. People are indifferent to family backgrounds, while they are concerned about the pedigrees of dogs in dog show! This indifference to lineage accounts for the breakup of many marriages after a short time. This should not happen. Marriage should be a life­long partnership.

Good thoughts are more efficacious than drugs It is better to remedy the original heart of a patient than to try to replace it with another heart of a person whose antecedents may not be good. The heart is the most vital organ in the body. To keep it in a healthy condition, one’s thoughts should be healthy. Good thoughts are more efficacious than drugs.

The doctors who have gathered here are estimable persons. They are broad­minded, gentle and kind hearted persons. You may receive fees from the rich patients. But you should treat the poor free. Dedicate one day in a week to render free medical service to people, irrespective of creed or nationality. Such service will give you spontaneous joy and enable you to experience the Divine. Make love the capsule you offer to your patients. When a weak patient comes to you do not be content with offering him glucose or some other thing. Give him the injection of love. That will give him instant strength. Speak to him with love, offer medicines with love and keep him in good humour. That is the way to make him happy. Happiness is union with God. Anything you do with love will be rewarding.

The participants have stood for great ideals. Their experiences are beyond praise. As they related their varied experiences, it was thrilling to hear them. They are all experts in their field. Your presence at this conference and the encouragement you have given to our doctors are deeply appreciated. Symposia and conferences are held all over the world. But at this conference everyone was deeply involved. Everybody experienced Divine vibrations wherever they met. I bless you all that you may return to your countries enriched by your experiences here and serve your respective countries well. Wish you all peace and happiness, which you should share with your people.