Valedictory Discourse


Valedictory Discourse Date: 23 January 1994 Occasion: Second International Symposium on Cardiovascular diseases Place: Institute Auditorium EMINENT DOCTORS! Though axed and maimed by man, trees selflessly serve him by providing him fruits and shade. Rivers

Treat Patients with Love


Treat Patients with Love Date: Feb 6, 1993 Occasion: Cardiac Symposium Place: Prashanti Nilayam The first message conveyed by Bhaaratheeya culture to the whole of mankind is this "Let all people live happily, in

Training of Nurses


Training of Nurses Date:  14 July 1992 Occasion: Guru Purnima Place: Prashanti Nilayam Embodiments of Divine Love! Bharath is not lacking in experienced doctors and specialists in every field. Many of them have gone

The Supreme Physician


The Supreme Physician Date: 15 October 1966 Occasion: Hospital Day Place: Prashanti Nilayam The deha (body) is a vehicle that even gods aspire to possess. You know that gods seek to come into human

The Miracle of Love


The Miracle of Love Date:  10 May 1967 Occasion: Hospital Day Place: Prashanti Nilayam THE doctor who is presiding over this Hospital Day is known to Me for many years; he was coming to

The Doctor’s Profession


The Doctor’s Profession Date: September 1980 Health and happiness go together. Happiness is a vain dream if health is absent. The Shruthis (holy scriptures) declare that health is very basic quality for man, since

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