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Integral Approach to Human Ailments

Integral Approach to Human Ailments Date: Feb 6, 1993 Occasion: Cardiac Symposium Place: Prashanti Nilayam   One whose heart is filled with compassion, Whose words spell truth, And who works for the welfare of others Will never suffer from difficulties Or diseases even in the Kali age.     "In This wide world, everyone aspires

Hospitals are meant to Serve the Poor and Needy

Hospitals are meant to Serve the Poor and Needy Date: 19 Jan 2001 Occasion: Hospital Inauguration Place: Whitefield   The motherland of ours gave to the world Noble souls renowned in all the continents. It is the land, which ousted the Foreign rulers and achieved freedom. This Bharat is reputed for its scholarship. It is

Hospitals and Health

Hospitals and Health Date: 28 Aug 1976 Occasion: Ganesh Chaturthy Place: Brindavan   Health is an essential requisite of man. The man afflicted with ill health is powerless to execute even the least burdensome assignment. The scriptures proclaim that health is the very root of all endeavors in the four fields of human achievement ­­

Hospital Visit

Hospital Visit Date: 26 December, 2004 Occasion: Hospital Visit Place: Prashanti Nilayam   Highlights of Bhagawan's Discourse   Embodiments of Love,   For the body, health is very important. This in turn is dependent on the food and drink we partake. There is no dearth of health in this hospital. However it is very important

Health Diet and Divinity

Health Diet and Divinity Date:3 June 1995 Place:Whitefield   Not by penance, nor by baths in sacred waters, Nor by studying of Scriptures, nor by Japa Can the Ocean of worldly existence.   The cycle of birth and death­­be crossed. It can be done only by service to good people. (Sanskrith Shloka)   Man seeks

Health Care is not a Business

Health Care is not a Business Date: 10 Jun 2001 Occasion: Hospital Anniversary Place: Whitefield   Neither by penance nor by pilgrimage nor by study of scriptures nor by Japa can one cross the ocean of life. One can achieve it only by serving the pious. (Sanskrit Verse)   Dharmarthakamamokshanam  Arogyam Moolamuttamam. Health is the

Good Health and Goodness

Good Health and Goodness Date: September 30, 1981 Place: Prashanti Nilayam Health is the essential pre­requisite for success in all aspects of life, for realising the four ideals that should guide humans­­­namely, moral living, prosperity, fulfilling beneficial desires and liberation from grief. Everywhere man seeks to live happily and peacefully but happiness and peace are

Food, the Heart and the Mind

Food, the Heart and the Mind Date: January 21, 1994 Occasion: Second International Symposium on Cardiovascular Diseases Place: Sathya Sai Institute Auditorium EMBODIMENTS of Divine Aathma! It is essential to observe the principle of moderation in food habits, work and sleep. The Buddha, preached the same principle of moderation to his disciples. "Be always

Food and Health

Food and Health Date: 21 September 1979 Occasion: Hospital Day Place: Prashanti Nilayam   Every activity of man is dependent on the energy he derives from the intake of food. The spiritual saadhanas he ventures upon depend for their success on the quantity and quality of the food taken by the saadhak (spiritual aspirant), even

Doctors, patients and society

Doctors, patients and society Date: Feb 7, 1993 Occasion: Cardiac Symposium Place: Prashanti Nilayam Charity is the ornament for the hand. Truth is the adornment for the tongue. The scriptures are the ornaments for the ears. Of what avail are other ornaments? EMBODIMENTS of the Divine Practitioners of Modern Medicine! It is dhaanam (charity)